XXXXXX Tea Industry Co., Ltd. originated from the birthplace of Tieguanyin tea in China -- West Ping, Anxi. Since the company was founded in 2002, has made other brands of tea enterprises need to spend more than twenty years can be achieved in just a few years time, by the majority of the media industry, constantly concern, known as the "dark horse" of the tea industry, tea industry "invisible champion". In Tieguanyin family descendants under the leadership of XXX, excellent team headquarters gradually formed a tea industry elite composition, the team has a number of technical personnel, the operation of the brand master and operation experts, formed a "army + school + family" strong culture in the years of fighting, is a worthy of the name of tea industry special forces. The company's operations team is a powerful Marine Corps, the company was founded at the beginning of the successful introduction of joining the chain corporation's business te...

Our advantage

  • Tea area is rich in resources
    Tea area is rich in resources}
  • Selection of high quality tea raw materials
    Selection of high quality tea raw materials}
  • Professional tea processing
    Professional tea processing}
  • Twenty years of professional quality
    Twenty years of professional quality}

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